All about our trip to Knysna

If you don’t follow me on social media (and really, you should), you might not realize just how much fun I had last week. Dean, Harley and I went with Dean’s friend Kris from Iceland down to Knysna. I had been promised that Knysna was beautiful, that it was a land of whales, oysters and […]

This is your Volvo Britax Max-Way car seat winner!

A couple weeks ago, I reviewed the Volvo Britax Max-Way car seat, and I  had one to give away to a lucky winner. I actually felt bad about the competition – when your comments started pouring in telling me about your little ones, I wanted each and every one of you to win. I really […]

Is bullying ever okay?

Bullying is awful and a big deal. I don’t envy kids today – thanks to social media, school bullying doesn’t end with the last bell and can cause serious psychological scars. But it’s not just kids who get bullied. There’s that woman who accidentally shared a picture intended for her husband with a whole Whatsapp […]