[POSTPONED] Win tickets to Circus Spectaculum, the all-human AZ circus

Circus Spectaculum

I have a kid under five, so I like to think my life is a circus. In fact, when bedtime has been particularly rough, I’ve wondered if I could sell her to the circus (joking! I swear!). But then I got invited to Circus Spactaculum, and it sounds way cooler than I’d imagined. I’ve been given some VIP tickets to a special showcase of the circus, and you can join me!

But before I tell you how to win tickets, you should know WHY you want to win. I mean, other than getting the chance to spend the evening with me and my charming family. Allow me to copy and paste the official language sent to me by the PR, and then I’ll tell you why I’m amped to go. Continue Reading

Videos for Toddlers & Kids: Doc McStuffins

Videos for Toddlers & Kids: Doc McStuffins

Even before we gave Harley her own tablet, we were looking for video content for her. The reality is that screen time isn’t evil, and honestly, sometimes we all need time to zone out – her in front of a video and me without a little one demanding my complete attention. That said, I still like to encourage her to watch things that expand her mind, teach her something, or are generally worthwhile. I’ve found a bunch of awesome shows for kids, and I thought I’d share them with you. This time, it’s Doc McStuffins. Continue Reading

Thoughts on Social Media as a Person vs a Blogger

Thoughts on Social Media as a Person vs a Blogger

When I sat down to start writing this blog, I got stuck on the title. Originally, I had something like “Is Social Media Toxic?” But the fact is, as a normal human being, I don’t think social media is all bad. I’ve made some amazing friends since moving thanks to Facebook. It’s how I’ve managed to keep in touch with a variety of old friends, even if all I do is passive stalking by seeing their posts when they come up in my feed. I LOVE Twitter as a place to get my news and commentary, as well as a direct line to people I’d never get in touch with otherwise – I tweeted at my favorite morning news lady this weekend to say her dress was gorgeous, and she told me where to get it. How cool is that?!

But I also use social media as a blogger, and apparently, I’m doing it all wrong. If you’ve read any of the books about how to grow a business or a brand, the advice seems to be fairly consistent across the board. Use social media to grow a personal brand. Post constantly. Advertise your products. Always be hustling, always be building a mailing list, always be growing. But I’m increasingly worried that it plays into burn out culture, especially for entrepreneurs, and encourages creating a persona of authenticity instead of really just being yourself online. Also, it doesn’t help that I’ve recently watched the Fyre Festival documentary and American Meme on Netflix. So, let’s break it down a bit. Continue Reading

On the verge of tears… for a Mars rover

My battery is low and it's getting dark.

A few days ago, I saw a twitter thread about the last message from the Mars Rover Opportunity, and it nearly made me cry. I keep trying to figure out why it’s affecting me so much. I don’t consider myself a HUGE space or Mars enthusiast. I mean, I love speculative fiction, which is often set in space, but it’s not like I regularly read up on the latest science coming out of Mars research.

I blame NASA and their amazing use of social media and personification. I follow the Curiosity Rover on Twitter, as well as InSight, the robot that sent back the first sounds of Martian wind. Those twitter feeds are hilarious, informative, adorable, and heartwarming. They make you feel as if you’re actually on the surface of Mars, something that was only science fiction not that long ago. Continue Reading