I grew up as a gamer, bookworm and film nut in New York. Moving to the Netherlands to pursue my masters and to South Africa to follow my heart did nothing to change those things. Now I’m back in the States, living in the desert of Arizona with my South African husband and our precocious little girl. I spend my days writing words for money, whether as a freelance writer, a video game and tech journalist, or a geeky, empowered mom blogger.

Zoe and Dean

I examine day to day feelings and events with a bit of a different take on things. From child development ideas and ways to raise a genius, to how to find time for gaming and reading while negotiating with a toddler, I look at parenting through a unique lens. Plus, there’s all the usual stuff, like mom guilt, day to day frustrations and the worst question every mom is asked daily – what’s for dinner?

Thanks for reading my words!

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