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Want to move across the country, or the world? Looking to become an entrepreneur and leave the 9-5? Has your life completely changed with the addition of a new human?

Change is wonderful and exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In times of transition, it can be tricky to navigate daily life, or even know what your goals can and should be.

Let me help you, facilitating transformation and quality of life. We can determine your goals and how to get you there through customized coaching programs. Sign up for a once off session or a monthly, continuing support program. I will help you take your life where you truly want it to be.

Work With Me
(Photo by Sarah Hoag with Sarah Hoag Photography // @SarahHoagPhotography)

Moving Coaching

Whether it’s an international or local move, the process can be daunting. This coaching can help you determine if moving is the right choice, and find the right place to relocate. Coaching includes evaluation of your push/pull factors, along with guidance on the way forward. You’ll get a 1-hour consultation as well as a detailed action plan.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Want to quit your 9-5 and become your own boss? Thinking of starting your own business but not sure where to start? Let me help you make it happen! Coaching includes a detailed evaluation with business ideas and channels, as well as a comprehensive action plan so that you can get started today.

Productivity Coaching

Working freelance and need to optimize your time? Need to become more efficient in your day job? Or simply looking to save time and enjoy your life more? Productivity coaching will help you to find more hours in the day, feel more efficient and get more time for the things you enjoy. Includes a day 1 to-do list or a full action plan as needed.

Parenting Coaching

Kids don’t come with a manual, and every family is different. But parenting coaching can help you cope with all the transitions that pregnancy and parenthood can bring. From bonding to weaning, raising a genius to reclaiming your non-parent identity, parenting coaching can help with a roadmap along the journey. Includes a daily and weekly to-do list or action plan.


Once off coaching session = $150

  • Questionnaire
  • 1-hour consultation
  • Comprehensive action plan

Continued coaching = $250 per month

  • Questionnaire
  • 1-hour consultation every 2 weeks
  • Comprehensive action plan with adjustments after each consultation


Ready to change your life? Let’s get started!