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Passing down traits

It’s a weird thing to be merging my gene pool with my husband’s. I mean, that’s what we’re doing, right? We are taking a bit of me and a bit of him and merging them into a unique being, Princess Harley. And I am already talking to her when I drive places alone (it’s nice to think that she can maybe hear me, and at least feel my love for her already), and yesterday I was telling her all about some of the cool things that I can’t wait to show her. I’m excited to introduce her to the magic that’s out there in the world, and to see things through her eyes as she discovers everything for the first time.

While there is a ton that nurture can do, there is still the aspect of nature. She will still have her own unique traits that she develops, whether they’re physical or emotional. I’m excited to find out what color eyes she has, and what her hair will be like, and if she’ll end up being taller than Dean or I. I want to know if she has a taste for Indian food or sushi, if she likes to sleep with the lights on or off, and if she ends up as a Trekkie, a Star Wars fan or a Whovian. But there are some other traits that I wonder about, and a recent chat with Dean made me laugh. Continue Reading


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