A family holiday

I am currently on holiday. That’s right, as I type this on my iPad, we are driving down the N1, heading to Knysna. By the time you read this, we will there and I will hopefully be on my way towards an oyster overload.

Early on after moving to South Africa, I was told that I’d have to visit Knysna. I was promised whales and oysters ( one to see and one to eat), and I was pretty much sold. But Dean and I often get so caught up in life that we don’t book these things. Thankfully, his friend Kris arrived from Iceland and gave us the best excuse.

There is something so special about a family holiday. I mean, any holiday is inherently great. Whether you go away with friends, a significant other or travel alone, there are wonderful aspects of it. But this is a family holiday and it makes me feel like a cliche, in the best possible way.

Dean drives, Harley is strapped into her car seat and I sit next to her in the back, letting Kris enjoy the front passenger seat. I sing Harley songs when she gets upset, and I really am trying to take plenty of pictures along the way. It’s a car full of love, of laughs, of memories in the making.

I will do a full post about the trip when we return. Until then, here are some pics from Instagram to show off our fun. Apologies for any weird formatting – blogging from my iPad is not as convenient as I had hoped.

I actually can’t bear how gorgeous my child is. Happiest baby!

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Knysna – oysters and wine achievement unlocked!

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Today we chilled at Monkey Land.

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