A personality in an ultrasound scan

Ultrasounds are pretty weird. I have a great doctor and he does an excellent job of explaining what I’m seeing and why it’s important, but if I had to look at those scans myself I would think I was looking at a Rorschach ink blot or a weird sketch in the back of Giger’s book.

The scans are a massive reassurance, though – it’s incredible to see those images, hear the heartbeat and know that everything is going well. The 21 week scan is an important one for checking all kind of birth defects, abnormalities or issues. Thankfully, everything is still looking absolutely perfect and Harley is definitely still a girl, and still developing exactly as she should be. It’s always such a relief to see her in there, to know that everything is absolutely fine even if I have random worries or panics based on silly dreams or odd stuff I read.

The best part, though? I get to see what my little girl is up to in there, and she’s already showing some serious personality.

When we started the scan, the first thing we saw was that Harley is pretty much bent in half. That’s right, she doing some yoga or ballet in the womb. She is so flexible (or maybe so bored) that she was actually sucking on her hands AND feet during the scan. It was far too cute and hilarious to watch her yawn and wiggle a bit before shoving hands and feet into her mouth. Of course this made getting a decent picture of her face quite a challenge – every image was obscured by her hand or foot. We did eventually manage, although I think with her face buried in placenta and hiding behind her arm she ends up looking more like a rough clay sketch rather than what she will look like when she actually comes out.

At least now I know that when I feel what seems to be kicking, flipping and fidgeting, she really is that busy in there. It’s too adorable to watch on the scan, and I imagine that when she’s born I’ll spend far too many hours just watching her in awe. Who would have thought that seeing a tiny creature suck on her toes could be so fascinating? Here I thought that I’d prefer higher level stuff, but I actually can’t wait to hold those tiny feet in my own hands and kiss them myself.

Harley has been so busy lately. I went to see Burn the Floor last night, and it was amazing the different responses she had to the various music. She definitely likes some powerful bass and seemed to want to dance along with the performers. I need to keep on playing her music in the morning – she seems to really enjoy it. Or, she’s trying to kick me and tell me to give her some peace and quiet so she can suck her toes in silence.


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