Baby also wants a break

Harley is finally big enough and has a strong enough neck that she can sit in her little seat or her walking ring. While her feet don’t quite touch the floor yet in her walking ring, she’ll lean to one side or the other and kick her little legs, pushing herself backwards. She thinks it’s great fun until she can’t push anymore, at which point we need to bring her forward again so she can push backwards again. It is absolutely adorable, and is a much needed break from holding her for me.

I am really enjoying this phase she’s in at the moment. Yes, she’s currently in a leap and not sleeping that well, but she is adorable when she’s awake and much more interactive. Plus, she clearly loves her chair and her walking ring, as well as tummy time and being nestled into the couch next to me and Dean. It seems that just like I love my cuddles but also get tired of holding her, she loves being held but also gets tired of it and wants to be on her own a bit.

It’s amazing to see her developing in this way. Of course as I type this, she is happily asleep on me, but I know that when she wakes up she will be happy to chill close enough that I can play with her feet and show her she’s okay, but far enough that she isn’t warm and in my arms the whole time. It’s really and win-win, especially as I get tired of having a body on me all day. I adore all the cuddles, I really do, but it also gets exhausting at a certain point. I’m just so glad that she’s growing up and already finding her small moments of independence; it’s so cool to see.

Of course, someone will need to remind me of this moment when I’m in tears because she’s happily running around and far away away from me, without missing me or needing me at all. My tiny baby is already getting so big, it’s sorta crazy. Then again, I keep thinking she’s gotten big, and then I see her in her chair or her walking ring, and I’m reminded just how much of a little thing she still is. My tiny baby.


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