Bambino Mio swimming nappy review – Made for a mermaid

I knew I wanted Harley to start swimming classes as early as possible. I will be writing a whole lot more about that in the future – why I thought it was important, how it’s going, and of course a run down of the cool developmental impact swimming can have on a little one. However, before we could get in the water together, we had to sort out one of her most basic issues. She is by no means potty trained, or even close to being ready for potty training, so I needed to find a swimming nappy solution. Thankfully, the awesome people from Bambino Mio sent me one to try out.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I’ve only used disposable nappies thus far. I had grand ideas of using cloth nappies before Harley was born, but when she came so prem and we had to use those size zero Huggies because they were the only thing that fit her tiny little bum… well, I just knew I wasn’t going to go back from my awesome disposable nappies that I can forget about once they are dirty. So a cloth swimming nappy? How would that go? Surprisingly, really well.

Just before her first class, I got Harley ready. I didn’t know what to expect about getting her into the nappy or her swimsuit, and I was pretty much expecting tears and screaming for every aspect of the swimming experience. But it really wasn’t bad at all!

First up, getting the nappy on and off. It fits just like underwear – no velcro, no snaps, just elastic underwear that is easy to get on and off. It fit Harley so well and looked absolutely adorable! If it weren’t for her swimming class requiring costumes for all kids, I’d totally let her swim just in the nappy*. It’s pink with mermaids on it, and it makes me want to eat her she is so cute. Of course for class, she wears her costume, though, so I can only experiment with swimming in just the nappy next month when we take a trip down to Knysna and she and I can play in the ocean together.

bambino mio swimming nappy

Of course, the biggest question is how well does it actually work. Well, it’s a bit of a mixed answer. On the one hand, it has been 100% perfect during classes. She can swim and the nappy never gets water-logged, doesn’t weigh her down, doesn’t cause any issues. It is simply fantastic. On the other hand, this nappy is definitely not meant to be used outside of water. I’m not totally convinced that it keeps liquids in – I think that’s sort of the point considering. However, we haven’t had any solid leakages, and so she is able to just have a blast in the pool and I don’t need to worry about changing her swimming nappy or tracking them down (the disposable ones can be hard to find). Seeing as she needs to get dry and dressed after class anyway, it’s not an issue, but if you’re planning a day at the pool or beach, I’m not sure that you can get away with just a swimming nappy for the whole experience unless puddles of unknown liquid (is it pee? Is it pool water?) are okay with you.

Cleaning is equally easy – it’s pretty much like cleaning mine and her bathing suit anyway. I am so impressed by the whole experience. Now I’m wondering if all cloth nappies are this easy. Maybe I should be going that route for all things… Okay, probably not – I like being able to throw the poo away and not think about it again. Plus I suck at doing laundry on a regular basis. But still – Bambino Mio has me totally convinced; I will never go for any other type of swimming nappies after this wonderful experience. Also, for R200 for a swimming nappy that will last for a long time, it’s really affordable.

*I would share a picture of how adorable she looks in it, but the internet is a terrifying place. So I won’t.

Full disclosure – I received the Bambino Mio swimming nappy for free from their PR company for review. All editorial and opinions are my own and none of this content is sponsored.


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