This should be an easy week – with two public holidays, it’s a short week. However, I’m feeling awful and I’m not sure how I will make it through. After a wonderful weekend in Parys, I came home to an awful stomach bug. I think it must have been something in the water, but I was pretty sick all day yesterday. I’m feeling a bit better today, but the combination of being ill and still breastfeeding has left me feeling totally drained.

It’s as though I have no fluids left in my body despite drinking as much as possible. All my energy either poured out of me from being sick, or was sucked out of me from the little one. I am so happy and proud of breastfeeding, but at moments like these, it doesn’t feel too great. It’s as if all my nutrients have been sapped, and I’m just a husk of a person.

At least Harley slept okay last night. I got two decent stretches of sleep, but with my stomach so off and feeling so ill, I didn’t really get much rest. I have an event this evening, too. I’m excited to go – it’ll be my first outing like this without the little munchkin – but I’m also worried that as soon as they dim the lights, I will fall fast asleep. Oh well, at least I’ll still enjoy the evening, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

How have women done this throughout time? Taking care of a tiny one even when you feel like you need to be taken care of… if that doesn’t define a mother’s love, I don’t know what does. Now excuse me while I try to tank up on more fluids and replenish myself. Maybe I should take a nap or something, or just drink a ton more juice.


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