Happy half birthday, Harley

half birthday

Today, June 1st, Harley is six months old. I can’t believe six months have passed. I can’t believe it’s already half a year. I can’t believe how much she’s grown, how much her personality is starting to show, how much we’ve fallen in love with each other. She definitely isn’t a newborn anymore, so in celebration of her half birthday, here’s a bit about what Harley’s up to now.

It’s not just about milestones, it’s about discovery for Harley. She loves sitting up. She’s not really perfected it yet, planting her hands in front of her to help hold her up, making her sit sort of like a frog. It’s too adorable, though. And she wants to sit on her own, she is determined to figure it out. She also loves her walking ring, especially in the kitchen or the lounge where she can scoot around more easily (tiles as compared to carpeting).

Harley is also figuring out what sounds she can make. It’s still totally baby babbling, but she clearly wants to become verbal, to express herself. I can tell when she’s happy by the noises she makes these days. and it’s all just far too cute. I am looking forward to her first words, but until then I’m enjoying seeing and hearing her learn the different sounds she can make.

But best of all is her love of music. Singing is an important part of my interactions with Harley, and they make her so happy. In fact, I recorded this video of her last night – she would get upset, so I’d sing to her and make her happy. But as soon as I’d stop, she’d be upset again. So guess who sang to her, over and over again.

How cute is that?! I know, every parent thinks their little one is the cutest thing ever, but I just love how she smiles and laughs when I sing to her. What more incentive could I possibly need to sing to her all the time ?

So, today I will sing to her “A very merry un-birthday”, but probably change the words to half-birthday. Happiest six months, little one.


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