I survived the Mamma Magic expo… barely

I’ve never been one of those people to go to every expo that comes to town. I didn’t go to a wedding one when Dean and I got engaged, and I’ve only been to the pet expo once. The only repeat expo experiences I’ve had were for rAge and Sexpo, and I wouldn’t attend the latter if it weren’t hilariously funny for work. But Mamma Magic came to town and I went to see what was on offer.

I’m incredibly glad I went during the week. Sure, it meant that I didn’t get to write yesterday, but it was way better to go on a “quieter” day. Even though most people were working or busy when I went, it was still a mad house – I can’t even imagine what that place will be like tomorrow. So, what made it worthwhile for me?

It was nice to see the range of products on show at the venue. From baby clothes and carriers to information about stem cell banking and various clinics, there was a huge range at the Dome. Thanks to a promotion where I could win stuff by collecting stamps from specific stands, I actually ended up chatting to some promo people I probably would have ignored otherwise. Still, it was a great opportunity to see some of the products I’ve been looking at online and ask real humans about the differences between them. Why is one sterilizer better than another? Or how about which stroller/pram is easiest to collapse? It stopped being theoretical when I could actually play with the products for myself.

I was just shocked at the queues! I know there were some nice deals there, but the amount of people standing in line for hours for diapers was sort of terrifying. I was on the verge of buying something when I saw that line of people – how can that possibly be worthwhile?I couldn’t even skip the queue with the pregnancy excuse when all the women are pregnant or carrying infants. My time and physical exertion must be worth more than that. Besides, even without waiting in that queue, I was shattered after just a couple hours of wandering around the expo. My feet were massive, my back was in agony and it was time to go home.

Still, I’m glad I went, even if my body is still recovering today. While the deals and specials may or may not be worthwhile, the sheer abundance of information in one place is quite useful. I just wished I had a pram so I could be pushed around and maybe take a nap when I got worn out.


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