I’ve changed my mind about baby photoshoots

When I was booking my bed in the hospital, what feels like a lifetime ago, I was offered the option of having a newborn shoot done right in the ward. It was an opportunity to capture the baby’s earliest moments, and I politely declined. I’m still so glad that I did, because the pictures of Harley in the NICU make me so sad even though she is fine now. However, at the time when I declined, I had no idea I’d have a preemie, but I still didn’t want pictures of her then – I thought all babies had a face like a foot when they’re born and I didn’t want the typical clichéd photoshoot with her. I still don’t want the cliché, but I’ve changed my view of photoshoots in general.

Over on Tums 2 Tots, I wrote about the wonderful experience that I got to have with Salomé from Yellow Lab. She did an amazing photoshoot with me and Harley, and we had such a great time doing it. It was relaxed and fun, and I never once felt awkward about needing to feed the little princess or change her nappy. Instead of constantly apologizing for Harley being a baby, it felt welcomed and normal, which meant that I could breathe and just enjoy the experience. But even more than the fun experience, the final product has completely changed my opinion of baby photoshoots.

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Having gotten the collection of images from Yellow Lab, I have been blown away. They are absolutely stunning – I’ve been using them in header images because I just can’t get over how gorgeous they look, and I’m having a bunch of mugs and prints made. Harley looks so adorable. I always know she’s far too cute, but the pictures that Salomé snapped are about a million times better than anything I could take. She captured Harley’s unique expressions and personality in such a great way – I just can’t stop looking at all the beautiful images.

After this photoshoot, I realized just how important it is to do this sort of thing. Harley is already growing so fast. Five months have passed before I knew it, and the next thing I know she’ll be a year, or two, or three. Our family might grow and change, and these photos look so great – they are just so wonderful to have as moments captured in time. Even if I don’t share all of them on social media or whatever because of my feelings about oversharing pictures of Harley online, I can still share them with friends and family, and treasure them as mementos of what Harley was like at this adorable age. Plus, I can have tons of mugs and prints made. Even if I don’t use all the pictures as part of Harley’s digital footprint, I can use physical versions as gifts for all the people who love her.

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I love Salomé’s eye – she truly took some remarkable pictures. Now to just twist Dean’s arm so that he submits to a family photoshoot at the end of the year. I’d love that for my birthday present, to always have pictures to cherish of our little family. Please be sure to read more on Tums 2 Tots – they’re even running a giveaway there. If you’re looking to do a photoshoot with your family, or if you want to give one as a gift, I highly recommend Yellow Lab.


Full Disclosure: I received the photoshoot and a mug and 5 prints for free. However, I will be paying extra for additional mugs, and fully intend to pay for future photoshoots with Salomé.


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