Mother F-er

I was going to go all the way and swear in the title of this post, but I figured Google would hate me forever and ever and I would actually like people to feel comfy sharing stuff if they want without issues of profanity. Anyway, swearing isn’t the point of this blog post, but sex is.

Obviously, in order to get into my current state of knocked-upedness (totally a word), I had sex with my awesome husband who I adore. Plenty of it, you know, just to be sure. I’m not sure whether it was going off the pill that boosted my sex drive to record level heights, or the fact that sex seemed purposeful, but we were rather randy and had a whole lot of fun with “making a baby”.

Now, the baby is made and Princess Harley is growing by the second inside me. Luckily, thanks to the increased blood flow below the waist and a general lack of nausea, my libido is still as healthy as ever. Being ever the researcher, I read up on sex during pregnancy just to make sure everything was still all good to go. Apparently, it’s not only okay to do it, but it’s actually good for me and the baby. It helps relieve stress, the rocking motion is nice for the growing munchkin, and the chemicals released upon climax into my blood stream also make her feel good, helping the baby to sleep instead of continually doing back flips in there.

SFW sex

Of course, it takes a partner to become the beast with two backs, and that’s where things change. Not for everyone, I’m sure – some men find pregnant women even more sexually attractive and that’s cool. But, for some with the male brain, the madonna/whore complex kicks in. How can he have sex with a mom? How can he have sex when there’s a baby growing in there? That means his penis will be sorta close to the baby, ew! (Never mind that there’s a cervix and placenta and all that jazz in between). Plus, I’m now aware that everything I experience is shared, which is a bit of an odd thought in such intimate moments.

Add in the fact that my round ligament pain still occasionally acts up and rules out various positions, and sex while pregnant becomes more tricky. The enjoyment factor for me is way up (thanks increased blood flow!) but psychologically it really is a whole new kind of adventure, and not one I’m sure my husband or I were prepared for. Is this just a sign of things to come, sort of like training for when the little one arrives, or will it change once again when we have to find ways to get it on without waking the baby? And is this sort of psychological change normal as all of a sudden I take on a new identity as “mommy”/fetus storage device?


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