My one year blogging anniversary

blogging anniversary

Happy birthday Born Geek! It’s hard to believe that a year ago today I published my first blog post. It was to announce that I was pregnant, and that I wasn’t just baking a bun but also a blog. I figured I’d give the whole blogging thing a whirl – I used to keep a journal for many years, so blogging seemed like a normal transition.

Of course I’ve learned a lot in the past year. I started with a very basic design, only upgrading and sort of relaunching my blog on 1 September. It’s crazy to see how my awesome little community has grown, how you’ve all helped me so much – given me encouragement when I felt down or words of wisdom, or made me know I’m not alone in my struggles and triumphs. You’re all awesome! To celebrate, here’s a quick look back at some of the most popular articles in the past year.

The socks and guacamole drama certainly struck a chord with so many of you! From people comparing and laughing about how their kids always want to have socks, to people sending me private messages about their own trials and tribulations with parents or in-laws, it was a big deal. Clearly, this is a common theme for so many of you. What can we learn from it? Don’t tell other parents how to take care of their kids, and certainly never, EVER feed any child without first getting the okay from the parents – and even then avoid doing it by shoving the food in their mouth with your finger.

Development is a big deal. Everyone wants to help their little ones get the best possible start in life. So it’s not that surprising that those posts get a lot of social sharing. The 3-6 month post was the most popular, but that doesn’t mean the 0-3 month or 6-9 month posts were forgotten. I also liked the more alternative ones, like when I talked about how I keep tummy time interesting for me and Harley; lately she gets so clearly frustrated on her tummy, not because she’s uncomfortable, but because she really wants to learn how to crawl already.

You know what else was ridiculously popular? When I took off my clothes, surprise surprise. That’s right, I got into a bikini while pregnant, in part because it was ridiculously hot, and in part because I wanted something to help me learn to have better body image – I don’t want to pass on the typical female self-loathing to my daughter.

Thank you so much to all of you who read my words, whether you’re a commenter or a lurker. I really appreciate every person who visits, who reads, who shares. Blogging feels like a very self-absorbed thing sometimes – it’s me sharing my daily musings or goings on – but when I know that I touch your lives and you touch mine, it feels awesome on a whole other level.


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