Nothing is better than making my baby laugh

make my baby laugh

I love making people laugh. No, not enough to become a comic or something, and I no longer have dreams of pursuing a career in the performance arts. However, I love being able to crack people up, to make them smile, to make even the darkest and most horrible things that can happen in a life absolutely hilarious. I often say that Dean makes me laugh every day, and that’s why we work. But I have found my new favorite audience.

Sure, I love quick wit, and I adore truly intelligent comedy, but now I find myself not worrying about that. Instead, I will do absolutely anything to make my baby laugh. Her smiles are adorable, but her laughter is like crack – I need my fix! When she laughs, it’s as if everything is right in the world, and any sadness or frustration I might be feeling is utterly obliterated.

Harley is quick to smile and laugh, she is a pretty happy baby. But having this week off for leave has been far too much fun as I finally have time to make her laugh throughout the day. She loves her jumperoo that we got her this week (thanks again Liz!), and if you smile at her while she’s in it, she gets so excited – jumping up and down, laughing and becoming utterly enthralled when the music plays and the lights flash with the different colors. It’s a great invention and one that will also make it easier when I’m working again next week – I can put her in that and let her play while I focus on what I need to do.

However, my biggest laughs with her were from things I always knew she likes. It’s funny how a mother knows. I knew that she loved when I’d play with her legs and feet. It was always her favorite part of massage and baby gym. But last night, it absolutely cracked her up. I would slowly pedal her legs, and you could see her getting excited, and then I’d do it really fast and she would laugh. Not just a polite laugh or something, but a belly laugh. It continued as I would pause to kiss her laughing belly. And then we would do it all again.

It was adorable and hilarious, and I think I’m totally addicted. She loves to laugh, and I love making her laugh. I love to have her play with her favorite toys, to sing to her, to do whatever it takes to make her smile. I always knew that I would do pretty much anything to make her happy, to keep her safe. Even if it means losing connections with those I used to be close with, my priority is, as I think it should be, Harley. I like to think that I’m a pretty good mom, but I feel like the absolute best when I can make my baby laugh.


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