Nothing is worse than a sick baby

I have been very lucky so far. Sure, Harley was born too early and had to be in the NICU for weeks, but she wasn’t sick in there. She was just small and needed to grow before she could come home. Once she came home, she was healthy if not always happy, and she has been doing better and better every day. Until yesterday.

Yesterday was time for visit to the clinic. She was weighed (4.9kgs!) and got her shots. Last time the sister warned me that some babies don’t feel well after their immunizations – they get a fever and feel poorly. I bought a thermometer and Panado just in case, but she was totally fine last time. This time? Not so much.

Immediately after the injections, she was fine. She ate, napped and generally seemed normal. Then evening hit and she was pretty fussy. She then proceeded to throw up. Twice. Of course she was pretty miserable, so I took her temperature and she had a fever… and she vomited again. We gave her some Panado and she started to settle down while I held her.

I felt so awful. It’s bad enough feeling sick and gross, it’s so much worse to have a tiny human feel that way. There was so little I could do to make things better for her – just give her the meds, hold her and try to comfort her. She doesn’t know what’s wrong, she’s just unhappy. As her mommy, I just wanted to make everything all better, and while I did what I could for her, it was so hard to see her feeling so bad.

Eventually, the meds kicked in and she fell asleep. I also went to bed – Dean thought that the meds would knock her out for a while and I figured that we could both use some solid sleep. Well, it was not to be – she woke up about every hour and a half all night. Poor baby. Poor mommy.

She doesn’t seem to be feverish today, although she still isn’t a very happy baby. I feel so bad for my tiny human and wish I could do something for her beyond just holding her, nursing her and generally trying to comfort her. Maybe this evening we’ll take a nap together and both feel all better.


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