On leaving my baby with a sitter

Since Harley has come home from the hospital, she has always been with me and/or Dean. And, to be realistic, the hours we have spent apart could probably be counted on one hand. I’ve occasionally popped to the stores and left her at home with her dad, but mostly I take her with me. When I’ve had meetings for work, she’s come along, too, and everyone has been wonderfully supportive of my little sidekick.

However, I have been invited to a really cool event for work, and I won’t be able to take her with me. It’s the first time I’m thinking of going somewhere with my husband and leaving the little munchkin behind. I know I have to do it eventually, but is she ready for it… and am I?

Dean’s parents have been saying for ages that they will watch her. They offer to let me have an afternoon off to go for a massage or whatever else I want and need to do. I just haven’t felt comfortable yet – in part because of Harley and in part because of my own worries.

I really wanted Harley to have enough time in her own routine to be comfy. It took a while, but that has definitely happened. She has a daily rhythm of naps, diaper changes, feeding and sleep times. It’s not consistent to the minute by any stretch of the imagination, but she follows a similar pattern every day. She seems to recognize me and Dean, and is fairly easily comforted by us. We are all bonding and it’s lovely. I know one night won’t throw her off, and besides, we’ve spent evening at their house plenty of times – Harley has spent time with her grandparents and is familiar with the smells and sounds of that house. She should be fine there.

I suppose my worries are the biggest issue. What if she becomes upset while we’re out and I’m not there to fix it? What if she gets hungry and there isn’t enough expressed milk for her? What if she doesn’t sleep when she should? What if she just cries the whole time? What if her grandparents do something I don’t like?

Then again, they won’t be locking us into the event. If I get a message from them that things aren’t going well, Dean and I can always leave. I’m just nervous and wondering if this is a good idea. But I’m sure every parent feels this way. Please give me advice – have you left your little one with grandparents or a sitter? Was it worth the initial stress? What can I do to feel more relaxed about it?


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