Popping my Zomato meet up cherry on a preggy belly

zomato palate cleanser

I have been quite lucky thus far. I have somehow managed to survive my pregnancy without any morning sickness. However, I do suffer from some degree of evening sickness. No, I’m not hugging the toilet or anything, but you simply couldn’t pay me to eat once the sun goes down. There have been a few nights when I managed, but I’m usually unable to eat. Unless, that is, it’s a food I’m absolutely craving. Luckily, my first Zomato meet up matched those cravings. Mostly.

First, I must explain. I absolutely adore Zomato. I installed it way before I ever used it to write reviews. It was my on-the-go way of finding a place to eat or drink. When out in an unfamiliar city (or even just a new shopping center), I could find my nearest breakfast place, or ideal locale for sushi. Then I started using the app to write reviews, take pictures of my food and I was hooked.

Zomato likes to reward the people who make their app worthwhile, those people who do tons of reviews and interact on the platform to help map out cities and show the possibilities of what to eat. They organize foodie meet ups as a thank you to the community, as well as a fun way for their foodies to meet up with each other and eat some tasty food. I did exactly that last night at Simply Asia in Benmore Gardens.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. Simply Asia is nice and all, but I always thought that it was just a bit of a trashy takeaway. Instead, we had some incredible treats. From spring rolls to a sushi workshop and even chocolate spring rolls for dessert. I was very happy to eat those.

I made this myself!
I made this myself!

Of course, the little Krogan had to object to some things, like all the mains. But that’s okay, I was still so full from all the spring rolls, sushi and dessert that I was feeling full when I woke up this morning. Besides, at least I got to take part in the social side of things too, meeting fellow foodies with a range of other interests, as well as the actual Zomato crew who are responsible for making the app which I use all the time. Plus, it was nice to go out to eat without feeling awkward about taking pictures of my food.

If you aren’t already using Zomato, I highly recommend it. It’s a great way of finding some hidden gems in your neighborhood, as well as helping others find out about your favorite local eatery. And if you do it enough, you might get to join for the next meet up and sample even more delicious morsels.


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