Pregnant, but still being called fat… sorta

I think it’s every woman’s nightmare when someone asks if she’s pregnant or when she is due. I used to cry sometimes when people would ask because it was just so awful. I’m not a particularly overweight woman, but I do have rather generous curves. For the most part, I love them because I enjoy having ample boobs and a big round butt. Unfortunately, it means that I don’t have a flat stomach. Even when I was a size 0 (yes, there was a time in my late teens/early twenties when I was that tiny), I had a bit of a poochy belly.

Part of the joy of being pregnant has been that I don’t need to get upset when people comment on my “showing” belly. It’s kinda nice when people ask when I’m due to actually respond with a date instead of tears. But now there’s a new way to be called fat.

baby bump

I’m about 18 weeks/4.5 months at this point. That means my ladies’ steak sized baby can be showing a bit, but not THAT much. Instead, it seems that Princess Harley likes to sit as far forward as possible, pushing out like some enormous thing. When people ask when I’m due, or ask how far along I am, they look at me and invariably say “oh, wow! Big baby!”

No, actually, she’s totally normal sized. I think you’re actually just saying that I look fat. Thanks.

Why is it okay to ask such personal questions and make these kinds of awful comments? Before I was pregnant, I use to tell people that it is never okay to ask a woman if she’s pregnant – you don’t know if she’s trying and it’s a sore spot, if she has lost a child, or if she’s just fat. Sure, she might be pregnant and happy, but the chances are far greater that you’re going to cause someone to get horribly upset.

So no, I’m not having an enormous baby, I’m just pregnant and maybe putting on weight or maybe losing it everywhere except my stomach. Who knows, but to be told “oh, big baby” when I know she isn’t leaves only one logical conclusion… “oh, big mommy”


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