Procreating has made me even more pro-choice

I have always been pro-choice. It’s a woman’s body, it’s her right to choose if she wants to fall pregnant or if she choose to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. End of story. I was lucky and careful enough to never experience an unwanted pregnancy, but I have every intention that if I conceived without the desire to have a kid, I’d get an abortion – it was just that simple. Even now, after creating my tiny human, it’s something that I’d do if Dean and I didn’t want another tiny human, either due to timing or money or whatever else.

Harley was incredibly planned. I already talked about how Dean and I changed from saying we never wanted to have kids, to eventually going off the pill and falling pregnant. Having her grow inside me, come into the world and now live every day as my tiny growing person has put me in awe of the miracle of life. But that doesn’t mean my stance on abortion has changed. If anything, it has only made my beliefs stronger.

At the moment, Donald Trump is getting annihilated in the press and on social media for comments he made about how women should be punished if they get abortions. If anything could actually cause his popularity to wane, it could be this. Anyone with a brain or a vagina or both knows that this makes no sense. Imagine a woman who is raped or the victim of incest; she gets pregnant against her will, does whatever is necessary to get an abortion, and then Trump wants to see her punished? I can’t even imagine the karma waiting to come for this guy! It makes me so angry on so many levels – why do men think they have a right to say what we can do with our bodies? Who is he to say this? Who will listen to his words and actually AGREE? And how can this still even be a debate in 2016?

I know some people change how they feel after becoming pregnant themselves, feeling the life grow inside them. However, I see it differently. Even if your pregnancy is planned, it’s not exactly a pleasant experience. I felt like there was an alien inside me. I was moody, uncomfortable, swollen and sick. Eventually, my pregnancy almost killed me. It wasn’t easy, but I was willing to go through it in order to bring my little princess Harley into the world. And I’d even consider doing it again eventually to give her a little brother or sister. But to go through it when it’s unwanted? To be forced to carry a child to term simply because you can’t get an abortion? That’s just awful! And then someone has to raise that child…

No, abortion isn’t for everyone. Some women will decide that they want to keep the child, or their religion makes it impossible for them to even consider terminating the fetus. But that option should be available for them, giving them the choice. No matter what women choose, it’s about being able to decide for themselves without fear of further punishment.

Pregnancy isn’t beautiful, but the miracle of life is. It’s simply incredible that we can bring new people into this world. It’s magical and mind blowing, but only when seen that way. Otherwise, it’s an invasion that needs to be stopped like Ripley does at the end of Alien.


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