A relaxing morning out and thoughts about the journey ahead

On Saturday, I was invited by Emirates Airlines to come for a movie at Hyde Park. The idea was to promote their entertainment system and let all the bloggers and their families enjoy watching the new kids’ movie, Storks. I went mainly because I thought I’d show face, meet the PR reps and get a feel for the event, but I didn’t imagine that Harley would last for the movie. Instead, my expectations were vastly exceeded.

Yes, there was coffee and juice and nice croissants. It was nice to chat to the other people there, to touch base with some of the mommy bloggers I usually only connect with online, and to be in a kid-friendly environment with Harley where she could dress up like a flight attendant or pilot. But it was also the movie experience that made me particularly happy.

EmiratesNu Metro has redone that cinema, so every seat was a recliner. Then the PR came around and gave us the toy and blanket that the kids would get if we were on the plane. It was such a great idea – Harley loved both and they kept her entertained and comfy during the movie. In actual fact, she fell asleep on me after about 20 minutes or half an hour, so I could recline, relax, eat my popcorn and candy and feel almost like a real human for a little while. I don’t think people realize just how physically draining it can be to be a mom – I’ve even developed worse carpal tunnel that is apparently the result of carrying Harley around so often. The physio is helping, but the reality is that between breastfeeding, carrying Harley and generally just going about daily life as a mom, I desperately needed some time to put my feet up and relax.

It got me thinking about the journey that we will have to make as a family. I’m not even close to ready to think about our trip to the States. There are so many steps to go before that one. But, it will happen, and we will somehow need to figure out a way to travel internationally, with many many MANY hours in the air, with a tiny human. She will get bored. She will get cranky. She will get hungry. She will sleep (I hope). It’s part of why I’m hoping she’s still on the boob when we go. At least then I can nurse her to help her ears with popping, or to help when she’s hungry, or to generally help keep her calm. But she isn’t a 24/7 booby monster anyway – she will need to use the entertainment system, to do different things to keep busy.

I have never flown Emirates, and sorta just assumed that when it was time to fly I’d hop on the usual flights through London with BA. But now I’m actually thinking it will be wiser to travel with Emirates. They have a dedicated check in area for families, so I won’t be getting dirty looks if Harley is busy or rambunctious. Then, in the air, they have special food trays for kids, kids’ headsets, and over 90 channels of kids’ entertainment. Plus, there is free Wifi on their flights. So, Dean could watch YouTube on his tablet for the flight, I could use his entertainment system and give Harley my screen so she could watch whatever cartoons and stuff that keep her occupied (assuming she doesn’t need her own seat anyway). There are kid friendly snacks and meals on board, and all the latest movies for me to binge on during the ridiculously long flights.

While I know that we will get through the journey no matter what, it’s kind of nice to imagine flying with a happier kid and husband. Plus, if I can turn it into a fantastic movie marathon, I know I’ll arrive way happier. I just need to remind myself to sleep when Harley sleeps, especially on the flights. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. We still have plenty of time to figure out all the details.

For now, it was just so lovely to get an hour in a recliner, eating snacks and watching a silly movie. Much needed relaxation, and time to just be in my own head… with popcorn and chocolate.


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