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2016 – the year that was

Even though it feels like it went by in a flash, so much happened in 2016. I’ve seen a thing going around on Facebook that I might steal. It involved getting a big jar at the start of the year, and each week (or even whenever moments come up), writing down a moment that made me happy or proud or grateful. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to empty the jar and read all the awesome stuff that happened. Definitely sounds like a lovely concept… I just need to get a jar/box/vessel for the cool comments. Since I didn’t do that, though, I’m going to blatantly steal this list of 10 questions from Forbes. But why, I hear you ask.

So many people like to talk about the year that was and predict the year that will be. While often this seems self-indulgent somehow, I do think it also helps to reflect on what went right and wrong over the course of the year in the hopes of improving things, or at least making new mistakes, in the new year. So, here goes – the 10 questions that help me assess the year that was and the year that will be. Continue Reading


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