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#CarseatFullstop – How to keep your kid safe in any car accident

I am a careful driver. I don’t have any history of accidents, whether from my own doing or anyone else’s. But I also don’t have any illusions – almost every other day I have some kind of close call situation. There are always people who don’t look before driving, or who change lanes without checking their blind spots, or who reverse out of a parking spot without checking. Sometimes, I’m even guilty of those things and only remain accident-free thanks to good luck and quick reflexes. With Harley along for the ride, I’m even more aware of the risks, and the importance of car seats, particularly rear-facing car seats.

When I was getting ready to start work on this campaign, I was chatting with Mandy-Lee Miller, the awesome lady of Pregnant in Cape Town and mastermind of the #CarseatFullstop campaign. We were talking about moving her adorable little girl into a rear-facing car seat and how it had made her even more worried about getting rear-ended. I hadn’t even thought of that! Would Harley be more at risk in a rear-collision? Or what if we were hit from the side? Actually, no, and it all comes down to science. Continue Reading


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