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This is not a nappy review: New Pampers Premium Care

pampers premium care

If you follow me on Instagram, and I hope you do, you’ll have seen that a couple weeks back I went to a nappy launch. It was really weird for me – I’m so used to going to game, phone or other tech related launches. But, high tea sounded like fun and I was curious to hear what Pampers had to announce. It turned out to be their new range of Premium Care nappies – the ones in the white packaging. I went home from the launch with a demo box and a bag of nappies to try out, so once I finished the open pack Harley was using, I started trying out these Premium Care ones.

I wasn’t going to write a feature about them, nor was I inclined to do a demo of the nappies. We all know that nappies can absorb blue-colored water.¬†Besides, I’ve been on such a topsy turvy nappy journey already, I seem to have distinct requirements. You see, before Harley was born, I was convinced I’d go the cloth nappy route. Then she came premature and I had to use disposable nappies, and the only brand that made nappies small enough were Huggies. So I became a Huggies user sort of by default, but why not give this bag of Premium Care nappies a whirl on a real baby? Continue Reading


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