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How I’m trying to save the world, or at least the separated families

How I'm trying to save the world, or at least the separated families

I was in tears this week. Stories about the separated families at the border made me so very upset. There are so many issues that make my blood boil these days – topics around school shootings, and defunding of women’s health centers, and the prospects of trade wars and alienating our allies. But truly, nothing could be more devastating than hearing about children being ripped from their parents’ arms and put in cages. CAGES!

The worst part was, I felt totally powerless. It’s not like I could go to the detention centers and just hand the kids back to their parents. What could I DO to fix the problem? It wasn’t enough to get upset, there had to be more that I could do. So I called my senators and congresswoman. I signed petitions. And then I broke down in tears, telling Dean that I wished I could DO something to help these families. He reminded me that I WAS doing something. So here are some ways that I’m trying to help, and how you can help, too. Continue Reading


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