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Why you want to win this Kid Got Style giveaway

I was incredibly happy when I found out that I was having a little girl. I would have been just as happy to have a little boy. But once I knew Harley was coming, I worried about how I’d raise her to be a strong woman, not bogged down with gender stereotypes. One of the things I wanted to avoid was dressing her in pink. I don’t like pink myself, and I hate that girls are expected to wear it. I wanted Harley to wear awesomely funky clothes, things that I think she’d look back on and think were cool.

When I first started looking for such funky clothes, I really struggled. Everything seemed so cliched – such typical baby clothes all in pastels. I wanted unique designs that were still made on high quality clothes. So when I found Kid Got Style, I fell in love. My wallet begs for mercy every time I visit the site because I simply find far too many things that I can’t live without. Bibs and onesies – the site has become my go-to place for baby shower gifts, and of course I have to buy some things for Harley when I shop as well. Now, a lucky winner is going to get over R300 worth of stuff in this giveaway! Continue Reading


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