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Why we aren’t talking about emigrating

In many ways, being a foreigner in South Africa sucks. I’m sure it sucks anywhere in the world, but here is it rather frustrating. I have to just keep waiting for Home Affairs to grant me permanent residency, and until then Dean and I can’t buy a new house. It’s irritating. No, it’s beyond irritating. However, being foreign does have one big benefit – we can pick and move any time we like. It’s just a matter of getting on a plane and we can leave the country without crazy visas and applications. That doesn’t mean we want to do that, though. Emigrating may be an option, but it’s not one we’re thinking about.

Recently, a lot of people have been asking me why Dean and I are still living in South Africa when we could so easily move away. SA is going through a whole bunch of controversy, from the #FeesMustFall protests to the ever tumbling Rand exchange rate, the gravy plane, the issues with the ICC… the list seems sorta unending. People ask why anyone would CHOOSE to live here if they had the option to move overseas, and particularly why we would want to raise our future offspring here. Continue Reading


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