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I don’t have any 2018 goals yet

Last year, I was pretty determined and clear about what I wanted from 2017. I made a list of three clear, ambitious goals, and somehow I managed to pull them off. The biggest and most transformational goal was moving from South Africa to the US, and in many ways, it feels like that move is still impacting my life and hopes for the year ahead.

But this year, I haven’t made a list of goals like I did in 2017. I’d say that I want to lose weight and get fit, but that’s a process that I actually started last month thanks to moving to a new place and joining a local gym where I’m able to lift heavy again. My other goals are based on the move – getting settled into our new home, making friends, etc. And for a while today, the lack of goals left me feeling like I don’t have focus, like I’m adrift. That isn’t the case though. Continue Reading


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