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The Geeky Mommy Files – Gina Jacobson

The Geeky Mommy Files

I love being a geeky mommy and figuring out what that means for me with Harley. It’s a daily journey as I try to learn how to be a mommy, and a geeky mommy at that. However, there are some awesome ladies who are further along on the path and have some really cool ideas that I’m totally going to steal. Welcome to the Geeky Mommy Files, where every Friday, I will be introducing you to one.

Gina is a decidedly geeky mom who has taken her show on the road, moving with her family to Israel. She and her husband, son and daughter are learning a new language, exploring a new country and still finding ways to be completely themselves. From her writing, reading and all around geeky interests, this super mom definitely has some fun ideas regarding parenting. Continue Reading


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