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The Geeky Mommy Files

I love being a geeky mommy and figuring out what that means for me with Harley. It’s a daily journey as I try to learn how to be a mommy, and a geeky mommy at that. However, there are some awesome ladies who are further along on the path and have some really cool ideas that I’m totally going to steal. Welcome to the Geeky Mommy Files, where every Friday, I will be introducing you to one.

Gina is a decidedly geeky mom who has taken her show on the road, moving with her family to Israel. She and her husband, son and daughter are learning a new language, exploring a new country and still finding ways to be completely themselves. From her writing, reading and all around geeky interests, this super mom definitely has some fun ideas regarding parenting.

What makes you geeky?

Sjoe, that’s a subjective question. I’m not a gamer and I’m not a computer genius. For me being geeky is about the fact that I’m not your typical girly girl. I’m more comfortable in takkies and a t-shirt (specifically a super hero shirt) than in dresses and heals. I love sci-fi and comics and super heroes. Books, movies, TV shows. I LOVE it. I have very few things on my bucket list but one of them is going to Comic Con, in costume. 


Is your partner also into geek culture?

Oh yes. On our very first (blind) date we had an hour long discussion about the absolute disappointment that was Star Trek: Nemesis. I think my husband knew right then and there that he would marry me. Every time I make a reference to something we have watched or read he gets this look, like he’s realising all over again why he loves me. 

IronmanHow have you shared geek life with your spawnlings so far?

Oh boy. I don’t think my kids had any chance of escaping the geekiness. Both my kids are budding little geeks. They have Star Wars and super hero clothing and have grown up watching all the movies and TV shows we watch. Aaron (8) is Minecraft obsessed. He also loves Star Wars and anything super hero and is currently reading the first Harry Potter. Faith (5) is Star Wars obsessed and wants to be Diana (Wonder Woman) when she grows up. On many occasions you can hear the strains of the Imperial March on the iPad while the kids have light saber battles around the house. We recently took them to see Episode VII and they both sat, wide eyed, throughout the whole movie, didn’t say a single word until we left and the first thing they said was when we could go see it again! They are super (haha) excited for the Batman vs Superman movie too. 

What are your plans for future geekery with them? (if any)

I plan on encouraging their love of sci-fi and super heroes. I love going to see movies with them and watching their reactions to what they are seeing. I would love to take them to a Con where they could meet all their heroes.

faithHow does being a geek change your parenting style? (if at all) 

I don’t think it really changes my parenting style. We teach our kids to be tolerant and kind and to be adventurous and use their imaginations. I’d like to think I would teach my children those values regardless of my geekiness.

If you could give other moms one piece of advice, what would it be?

Encourage your children. If they want to be an astronaut, show them the stars.  If they want to be the next big soccer star, get out there and play with them. If they want to be a Jedi, steer them to the Light Side. 

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