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These are the podcasts I’ve been enjoying in 2018

These are the podcasts I've been enjoying in 2018

(Photo by Lesha on Reshot)

I wasn’t much of a podcast fan. In fact, I used to think they were pretty stupid – I just didn’t get the appeal of them because they either seemed useless or boring or just a pain to listen to. But around this time last year, I got into a couple of them, and I would listen during my drive to drop off and pick up Harley from school. Now, I drive even less each day, and yet I have a few podcasts I’ve been enjoying in 2018.

I mainly listen while I’m at the gym and in the car. While I’m doing my weight training, I’ll listen to a podcast, switching to music for my cardio so I can push the rhythm and stuff. I don’t drive much anymore, except when I go visit my mom when I have over an hour each way, which can easily clear any podcast backlog I might have built up. So here are the things I’m listening to now, and please feel free to share your favorite podcasts as well. Continue Reading


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