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No, it isn’t magical to be pregnant

Pregnancy is weird. There are beautiful moments, when I see my princess on the scans, or the first time I felt her kick, or when I think about some of the cool things that await once she’s born. With all the people out there who say it’s totally worthwhile and a wonderful experience to be a parent, it can’t just be a giant procreation conspiracy. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t deluding themselves either.

I’ve noticed a lot recently how people seem to be offended when I point out that pregnancy isn’t exactly pleasant. Whether you have an easy or difficult pregnancy, it’s still filled with all sorts of symptoms that most people try to avoid experiencing. My current gripes are: lack of sleep due to getting up throughout the night to go pee/host the dance party Harley is having; heartburn; swollen hands and feet; carpal tunnel; and the giant awkwardness of carrying around an extra tiny human who throws off my center of gravity and hurts my knees and hips after a while. But apparently, I should be focusing on how magical it is. Continue Reading


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