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Bambino Mio swimming nappy review – Made for a mermaid

I knew I wanted Harley to start swimming classes as early as possible. I will be writing a whole lot more about that in the future – why I thought it was important, how it’s going, and of course a run down of the cool developmental impact swimming can have on a little one. However, before we could get in the water together, we had to sort out one of her most basic issues. She is by no means potty trained, or even close to being ready for potty training, so I needed to find a swimming nappy solution. Thankfully, the awesome people from Bambino Mio sent me one to try out.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I’ve only used disposable nappies thus far. I had grand ideas of using cloth nappies before Harley was born, but when she came so prem and we had to use those size zero Huggies because they were the only thing that fit her tiny little bum… well, I just knew I wasn’t going to go back from my awesome disposable nappies that I can forget about once they are dirty. So a cloth swimming nappy? How would that go? Surprisingly, really well. Continue Reading


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