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Coconut oil made my psoriasis worse

coconut oil

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, you will have seen that coconut oil is the new miracle cure. From acne to dry skin to athlete’s foot to hair care, coconut oil is the best thing for all your healthcare needs. I resisted its siren call for a long time, thinking that it would smell like a holiday and probably not do much. But once I jumped on the bandwagon, I jumped with both feet. Thanks to my sensitive and dry skin, I figured this could be a natural, cheap and wonderful solution. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

At first, I adored the coconut oil. It made my hair look luxurious and soft, it helped me scrape off my scalp psoriasis and it even left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I am a veteran moisturizer, so I typically know how to cover myself like those poor birds following the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. And that’s what I did with the coconut oil, using it daily to keep my skin moisturized from head to toe. It absorbed quickly, so I didn’t feel greasy afterward, and I thought I’d found the answer to life. Continue Reading


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