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Why you want to win this Schnooky Pie giveaway

schnooky pie giveaway

I love dressing Harley in all manner of adorable clothes. It’s one of those great joys of having a baby – they’re already so cute, but in little outfits they look even more adorable. But, not all outfits are created equal. I’ve already explain my reticence to put Harley in anything pink, and I really do prefer how she looks in the darker clothes; it just makes her look so quirky and I adore my little alternative baby. However, not all baby clothes were created equal.

Schnooky Pie is a proudly South African company, offering unique handmade outfits to discerning parents. That’s easy enough to say, but the onesie that I received for “review” (how do you review a onesie? cute 10/10?) has instantly become one of my favorite items in Harley’s wardrobe for a variety of reasons. And lucky for all of you, you can win it in this giveaway! Continue Reading


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