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A day home with a sick kid

A day home with a sick kid

(Photo credit: Kathleen White with Kathleen Elizabeth Photography // @_KathleenElizabeth_)

Yesterday afternoon I got a dreaded call from Harley’s school. I needed to come pick her up – she had just thrown up. Thankfully, I was already getting ready to get her, so it was just minutes between getting the call and holding my sick kid.

Turns out that another kid had puked an hour before. So, like something out of Theme Hospital, I figured it was a bug that moved through the class like a gross wave. Still, it meant spending the evening taking care of a sometimes miserable but still surprisingly peppy princess. Plus, the school has a policy that kids sent home sick can’t come back the next day without a doctor’s note. So, Harley and I were set for a day home together. Continue Reading


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