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5 personal questions strangers ask pregnant women

I have totally embraced this whole pregnant madonna thing. I flaunt my giant belly and I don’t feel bad about it, swim in my bikini and I think I’ve even mastered that knowing yet mysterious smile that seems to be part of the role. There are plenty of weird things about being pregnant, and much that is uncomfortable, but I think I’ve embraced the aesthetic of it.

Part of being so openly pregnant means that people feel entitled to ask me questions. Obviously friends and family will ask about things, but I’m always entertained by the questions that strangers think are cool to ask. The worst part is, I know I’ve asked the same things of other pregnant women, but it’s still sort of strange to think what’s normal when in fact it’s such a personal experience. So these are the most common¬†personal questions strangers ask pregnant women, at least in my experience. Continue Reading


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