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Did you win the Book Owl giveaway?

Book Owl giveaway winner

I was really exited to be able to run a giveaway for The Book Owl. As I explained, I love what Kirsten does – it’s amazing to receive customized books each month. It’s so much like a baby book Loot Crate, but even better because it is adapted to your kid’s age and interests. Such a cool idea, and I will definitely be subscribing to this service for many months and years to come. I particularly like that each book is individually wrapped; when Harley is a bit older, it will be great for her to experience so many books as presents to get excited about reading. Plus, I’ll have go-to presents for her throughout the month when I want to give her a reward or something on a bad day.

Thanks to everyone who entered my first giveaway. It was great to see such a response from all of you, and I loved all the books and stories you mentioned enjoying as a kid. I was such a book worm growing up, and I’m so amped to share that love of reading with Harley. You all reminded me of so many wonderful things to share with her. But enough about that, let’s announce the winner! Continue Reading


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