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A year ago on Born Geek – Looking back on June 2017

A year ago on Born Geek

(Photo credit: LeeAnn Stromyer with LeeAnn K Photography // @Leeann_K_Photography)

It’s been quite a month. There’s so much I’ve wanted to write about, and so little time in the day. I’ve been having some cool thoughts about blogs I want to write, and then I keep thinking that I’ve already written them. While this isn’t always the case, I did think it was worth looking back to a year ago on Born Geek. So much of what’s happening now is mirrored there.

Also, how are some of these posts a year old?! Some of them feel like just yesterday. Just so hard to believe how fast the time is going. I’m trying to enjoy every minute, live in the moment and all that. But then again, when bedtime takes hours, sometimes I totally fail to enjoy every moment and instead count down the seconds until I can breathe. Continue Reading


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