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“Just because you’re strong enough doesn’t mean you have to”

I can’t stress enough how kind people are are to me here in Africa as a pregnant woman. It’s like everyone is going out of their way to be nice, to be thoughtful, and to make my life a little bit easier. Sure, there are still things that need doing, and there are still moments when people act like idiots, but I am just so happy to be carrying around the munchkin in this of all places.

At the store recently, I had bought a bunch of groceries, but not that many. They all fit in one bag and I was just going to carry it to the car. But I was tired and hesitated for a moment before lifting my bag from the bagging area in the shop. The woman who had helped me grabbed a trolley for me to put the bag in, and I said that I thought I could carry it. Her response was lovely, and something that I sort of want to live by for the duration of this pregnancy. Continue Reading


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