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The Geeky Mommy Files

I love being a geeky mommy and figuring out what that means for me with Harley. It’s a daily journey as I try to learn how to be a mommy, and a geeky mommy at that. However, there are some awesome ladies who are further along on the path and have some really cool ideas that I’m totally going to steal. Welcome to the Geeky Mommy Files, where every Friday, I will be introducing you to one.

Maz is the epitome of cool, alternative mommy. Creative and unique, she has her own take on issues ranging from making your kid environmentally aware to which wines do well on holiday. She is unapologetically herself – a trait I adore and admire. Plus, she has incredibly gorgeous kids!

What makes you geeky?

There are only 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don’t 😜 My biggest geek trait is that I still have muscle memory from performing the Hadouken so often in Street Fighter… Today’s kids will never know.

I suppose people’s first impression of me is more of a “Devil Wears Prada” kind of vibe…. But then you start noticing my Gryffindor coffee cup, my Star Wars family sticker on the back of my car, the RTD2 hanging from my rear view mirror, the ridiculous amount of times I watch Star Wars… And the only thing on my birthday wish list is a Harry Potter wand home remote control. I don’t know if this makes me geeky… But I am completely and utterly Harry Potter and Star Wars obsessed. 

Is your partner also into geek culture?Caffeine And Fairydust 2

Yes, we are both extremely into Star Wars! It is a little nutty… Our house is kitted out with star wars calendars, we own every single movie, we have about 6 light sabers lying around, we do a Star Wars marathon at least three times a year and we are having a vinyl sticker made for our fridge of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite – I know, you wish you thought of it first.. heehee. You get the picture.

How have you shared geek life with your spawnlings so far?

Well, Knox got it the worst… His middle name is Vader. Really. 

We threw Mikayla and him the raddest Star Wars birthday party and Mikayla loves the a Clone Wars series. I guess we just live a lifestyle where these things play an important part – whether it is the shows we watch, the clothes we wear or the toys we get. 

What are your plans for future geekery with them? (if any)

Matching Harry Potter tattoos? Oh wait…  I think that might be child abuse. Nah, none really. They can live their own lives. The only thing they absolutely HAVE to do with me is visit the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando one day. If they don’t I will never take them to Disneyland.

Caffeine And FairydustHow does being a geek change your parenting style? (if at all)

I don’t think being a “geek” necessarily changes anything… I think being different and alternative let’s me raise my kids with an open mind. We are more accepting of people who do not fit the mold, and we teach our kids that it is okay. There is nothing wrong with being who you are and loving what you love… unless you love Star Trek more than Star Wars… then you have a problem.

If you could give other moms one piece of advice, what would it be?

It is okay to not be perfect all of the time, the fact that you care enough to try already means that you must be pretty darn awesome. Give yourself a break. 

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