The Geeky Mommy Files – Zayaan Schroeder

The Geeky Mommy Files

I love being a geeky mommy and figuring out what that means for me with Harley. It’s a daily journey as I try to learn how to be a mommy, and a geeky mommy at that. However, there are some awesome ladies who are further along on the path and have some really cool ideas that I’m totally going to steal. Welcome to the Geeky Mommy Files, where every Friday, I will be introducing you to one.

Zayaan is filled with geeky enthusiasm that spills out in abundance. Her excitement for things to come has made me excited, too, overcoming my cynical jaded attitude. An awesome mommy and wife, she is a great inspiration with a sensibility that makes a lot of sense.

What makes you geeky?zayaan27-1457082448693

I always have difficulty with this one because this question often feels like a need to qualify why I’m a geek. But I guess I’m considered one because of the things I’m passionate about: gaming,  books, comic book characters, all things fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Is your partner also into geek culture?

Yes, he is. If anything my geekiness grew more once we got together because here was finally someone I could discuss all the things with. He introduced me to World of Warcraft 8 years ago.

How have you shared geek life with your spawnling so far?

Well, he thinks The Doctor is a real thing, has his own tidy TARDIS and he loves Uncle Vader. He loves Studio Ghibli movies. We don’t push anything but it’s just the things that are in our everyday lives.

zayaan27-1457082323112What are your plans for future geekery with him? (if any)

We don’t have any plans but we will encourage him in the things that he loves which at the moment is cars.

How does being a geek change your parenting style? (if at all)

I think that when it comes to games and gaming we have a better understanding of it all so we’re not going to be as strict about it but that doesn’t mean there won’t be rules in place. Being gamers we also know the dark side of gaming that you can so easily fall into.

If you could give other moms one piece of advice, what would it be?

Every kid is different. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for your kid. Every mom no matter how put together has a low point so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You’re the best mom for your kid, and no one knows your child better than you do. Trust your gut.

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