This is how you play video games with a baby

While I’ve managed some gaming time since Harley was born, it’s not the way it once was. I can’t wear a headset because I need to be able to hear if she cries, and I can’t really play online either because if she needs me she can’t wait while I finish a mission. I managed to get in some single player gaming, but as Harley has grown the way that works has changed. Sure, it’s best to play while she naps, but I’m also learning to hold her and play at the same time – I even managed to play a game while nursing her the other night.

But the best way is if someone else can hold your baby for a bit. At least, I like it because it means I can sort of focus on playing (even if Harley still always has some of my attention) and just relax and have fun. Plus, most people like the chance to hold Harley. I saw most people, because this video with Sam is quite possibly my new favorite thing.

The awesome Sam of Tech Girl fame invited me over to play games and hang out. I hadn’t seen her since before Harley was born, so of course I said yes. This is the result – the look on her face is absolutely priceless!

I think I need to start streaming my gameplay sessions. It’s kind of like those people whose cats make them famous on YouTube or Twitch – Harley’s hilarious faces and responses will make me famous, I’m sure of it. Who needs to show off cleavage when you’ve got a baby. Just imagine the response when I nurse her, too!

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting too many pictures of Harley, and I still stand by that, but I just couldn’t resist this video. It is just too much fun.


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