Top 5 Geeky Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 5 Geeky Father's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day came and went, and now it’s time to prepare for Father’s Day. Dean keeps saying he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, gift and celebrations are apparently unnecessary. But I really want to get him something, and I think it’s important for Harley to see how nice it can be to celebrate other people and give other people nice things.

Just like I did for Mother’s Day, I figure this is a great opportunity to look for some fun Father’s Day gift ideas. Even if I can’t or don’t buy them this year, they might still be relevant next year. At the very least, I hope they help you figure out some things that you might like to give a geeky dad in your life. Disclaimer: Yes, these are affiliate links so I will get money if you use them to buy awesome stuff. 

I really like this Constellation Window Pint Glass. Dean is a beer drinker (obviously), and this could be a nice glass for him to use. Plus it just looks so gorgeous.

Going through my Amazon browsing history, I found this Gamera figure that I most definitely hadn’t browsed for. Apparently, this is something the hubster would like, although that price might be a tad prohibitive.

Now that the new Pokemon game has been announced, it’s pretty much a sure thing that we will need to get a Nintendo Switch this year as Dean is a massive Pokemon fan. I’ve been thinking about getting one for ages, so Father’s Day could be a decent excuse, right??

Dean already loves his Twitch Prime membership because of all the extra Warframe stuff he gets. But I’m wondering if we shouldn’t add on some CBS all access so that he can watch Star Trek Discovery. Probably not the best idea, though, as he’ll just end up ranting to me about all the issues with the show.

We are both HUGE fans of Binging with Babish on YouTube, as well as Alton Brown’s Good Eats and of course, Iron Chef. Dean generally just loves cooking stuff, and found Babish because he added some fun extra elements to it. It might be nice to support him by buying his cookbook, Or I could get him the Alton Brown Good Eats cookbook, which combines science, quirky presentation, and food that tastes good.

Top 5 Geeky Father's Day Gift Ideas

So yeah, those are my five fun geeky Father’s Day gift ideas. What do you go for when it comes to Father’s Day? Now that the majority of dads don’t wear ties to work, and we all have so many mugs, it feels like a true challenge to find a great, meaningful gift.


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