Top 7 Geeky Gift Ideas in 2018

Top 7 Geeky Gift Ideas in 2018

2018 is nearly over. I honestly can’t believe it. Each year goes faster than the one before. This means that it’s time to get the holiday shopping done. If you love someone with geeky tastes, it can be tricky to know what to get them. Here are my top 7 geeky gift ideas in 2018 that might help. Also, if you want to buy me any of these things, I’d be pretty pleased.

Okay, so I know I’m calling this a top 7 list, but actually, there’s a bit more in here. I’ve just divided it into 7 categories, with a few top picks in each one. So you’ll get even more ideas than you imagined!

(Full disclosure: Yes, there are affiliate links below. Click on them to when you buy stuff, and I could earn a small commission. But the products are still things that I want, regardless.)

Gaming Stuff

Top Gaming Gift Ideas in 2018

If you have the money to splurge, there are a few nice to have things that not all gamers might have. For example, you could buy your favorite gamer a Nintendo Switch if they don’t have one. Or a PlayStation VR. Already have those? Get some extra JoyCons for the Switch, or some PS Move controllers for the PSVR. Or if they are a PC gamer, you could always spring for an Xbox Controller (my favorite to use while PC gaming), or a new mouse or headset (find out their favorite brands first, as every gamer I know is particular about this).

Want to buy games for a loved one instead? PlayStation fans are all about the God of War or Spiderman right now, and with good reason, as they both have ridiculously high scores from critics. Also highly sought after? Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption II. Personally, I’m leaning more towards Assassin’s Creed because I adore that franchise, but any of those titles will likely please your beloved gamer.

Novelty Fandom Items

Top Geeky Novelty Gift Ideas in 2018Top Geeky Novelty Gift Ideas in 2018

A fan of Doctor Who? Why not check out this fun book collection – think Mr Men, but Doctor Who themed. Or you could go for this gorgeous Doctor Who bedding set. I just hope that anyone sharing the bed it also a fan, or doesn’t mind. I have thoroughly embraced the yoga pant lifestyle, but sometimes you have to mix it up with other loungewear, and these lounge pants certainly seem ideal.

Harry Potter fans can also get in on the lounge pants action. I must say, while the houses and classic Harry Potter stuff is cool, I think I prefer the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You know, because the wizards are adults instead of teens in school. Just resonates with me more. So, of course, I want this Niffler plush.

Fun Tech


Top Geeky Tech Gift Ideas in 2018

Planning to go wild with your gifting? How about the brand new Apple Watch? It’s gorgeous, waterproof and OMG, I NEED one! Although to be honest, one of the older models is probably just as awesome.

Actually, though, I’m currently looking at the smart home idea. I like being able to just talk to Alexa to organize my life and my home, especially if I can organize it with the TV, gaming consoles, and general kitchen life. Imagine being able to set a timer by just asking Alexa? Sure, I can punch the numbers into my microwave, but then I can’t also use the microwave to cook something. Also, I’m leaning towards the Amazon products mainly because Google keeps thinking that when I say “okay, cool” I’m saying Okay Google and starts listening.

Whether your favorite geek makes YouTube videos or is just a selfie pro, this ring light could be a truly fantastic gift. To be honest, I just want one for my YouTube channel, but its uses can be much wider ranging, whether for photography or makeup, everyone could use some good light.

I told you how I’ve gotten into podcasts and audiobooks recently. The problem is that because I work from home and don’t commute anywhere, I only really get a chance to listen when I’m at the gym or for short periods on the drive to pick up or drop off Harley. I’ve been thinking that adding shower time to the equation would let me listen to more content. I mean, I like getting lost in my own thoughts in the shower, but a waterproof Bluetooth speaker can always make things even better, right?

Figures and Ornaments

Top Geeky Figures Gift Ideas in 2018

One of these days, I will have nice shelving in my office and can put up some of my toys. You know, the ones Harley hasn’t claimed for herself. Statues and action figures are always a fun way of proclaiming a geek identity, and these are some of my favorites.

For the Doctor Who fans like me, there is much pining for this Weeping Angel Funko POP. I just need to make sure I don’t put it on a shelf behind me or I will be afraid at all times. I could use this Adipose stress toy, though, for the difficult days, even if apparently it’s best used as an ornament than an actual stress toy. You could even build a figure yourself with this super expensive but awesome LEGO Doctor Who kit.

There is no doubt that anyone who enjoyed Black Panther and Funko absolutely NEEDS the Funko POP Black Panther figures. I want Shuri so much. You know, once I have shelves.

I also think this Bowtruckle, from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is so cool. You can even pose it a new way every day, if that’s your thing.

Got more money to burn? This incredible Wonder Woman figure should help with that. I can already hear the theme song playing in my head!


Top Geeky Jewelry Gift Ideas in 2018

I don’t really need much jewelry. I mean, I spend my days working in my yoga pants. It’s not like I need to dress them up with some fancy jewelry. But there’s something so cool about being able to show off a bit of geek cred when I get dolled up. I love my Mass Effect and Doctor Who custom earrings, which is why I’d also recommend these fun finds.

There’s this Black Panther-inspired necklace. A bit chunky for me, but still absolutely stunning. Or channel your inner time lord and think back to that time Hermione became one with this gorgeous Time Turner Necklace. Like the stacked bracelet look? This Harry Potter themed one is stunning!

I’m generally not a gold jewelry person – I prefer silver or platinum for my general style. But these Wonder Woman earrings might change my mind. I mean, these silver ones are cool, too, but just not as iconic in their coloring.

Stationery and Journals

Top Geeky Stationery Gift Ideas in 2018

Back in the day, I remember my mom said that she would always love a journal. For birthdays, mother’s day, etc, the fallback present was always chocolate and a new journal. And I must say, I’m sort of the same. I love planners and journals, notepads and pens. Whether I used them to write down blog ideas, to handwrite a blog while Harley is busy, or simply to sketch out an idea, pen and paper is always useful. I always need to jot down a grocery list, and I particularly love notepads that can attach to the fridge so we can write down missing items as soon as they start to run low.

Combine the fandom and the stationery idea and go for this incredible set based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Or this weirdly morbid yet lovely Death Note notebook – just be careful what you write in it. And this faux-leather notebook… it’s not linked to any specific fandom, but it just feels like something an explorer would use in Tomb Raider, Uncharted or any of those other fun games.

I’ve also been thinking of getting my own, personal stationery made. I’m not even sure why. I don’t write thank you notes on a regular basis, or even send letters to people. Everything I do is electronic… and yet, I’d love my own personal stationery. I could use it when I write cards for birthday presents, or for teacher’s gifts, or whatever else. Totally unnecessary, and yet still totally awesome.

Geeky Kids

Top Geeky Kids Gift Ideas in 2018

Some of you may know that I’m raising a total geek. She’s still a little geek, though, so her full fandom and interests haven’t quite solidified yet. She does love the Rescue Bots, though, and she ADORES these Rescue Bot toys we got her. Also, after almost a year with her pad, I can confidently say that every kid could use a Kindle Fire – it’s been an absolute lifesaver.

I’m a huge fan of magnetic blocks. Kids can use them to create incredible things. Plus, magnets are the closest thing to magic we can get with science. There are also these fun science kits for little ones. If your little one is into dinosaurs, you could get dino toys, or go wild and get a fossil set so they can find the dinosaurs themselves.

Bathtime is often overlooked when it comes to fun geeky toys. Why not let your little ones create cool waterfalls, either with this small Munchkin set for toddlers and young ones, or this design that’s ideal for slightly bigger kids.

My favorite find recently is the series of books about inventors and creators. I think they’re tons of fun and would make a great gift for most kids. Plus they’re ideal for parents looking to push the STEM stuff without going overboard.

Or, you know, costumes. Lots and lots of costumes. From Doc McStuffins gear to an adorable Transformers/Rescue Bots outfit, there are options for just about any interest a kid might have.

Top 7 Geeky Gift Ideas in 2018

So those are my suggestions for the top 7 geeky gift ideas in 2018. What sort of presents are you hoping for this year?


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