Any woman can benefit from installing Clue on her phone

Even before I went off the pill, I installed an app on my phone. Clue is a period tracking app, but it’s not just for women who want to be aware of their fertility or ovulation cycle. I installed it out of curiosity, but it did end up helping me when Dean and I were ready to start trying for a kid.

What I like about the app is just how scientific it is, and that it gets ever more accurate the more you use it. As someone who suffers from hormone-induced migraines, as well as the odd mood swing, it was great to be able to predict when these might come. While on the pill, I was generally quite aware of when I’d be getting my period, but once I went off, it was more a mystery – one that clue could give insight into.

It’s actually quite surprising to me that when Apple released their health app, they didn’t include a section on there for women to use for tracking periods. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it can be helpful to see that in the days leading up to one’s period there can be bouts of higher energy, or better sleep, or any number of interesting things to know about. While I hope this is functionality that Apple adds in soon, Clue already does so much.

Yes, that’s what I like about it. Whether you’re trying to fall pregnant or avoid getting knocked up, or just curious about your cycle in general, Clue can be a huge help. You can track things such as sleep, sex drive, pain (headaches, cramps, etc), bleeding and even your temperature. The more you use and track your cycle, the better Clue can work, even warning you that PMS is coming or when your period is scheduled to start.

I was very lucky with Harley, falling pregnant after just one month of trying. However, it was so helpful to know exactly when my last period had taken place when asked by doctors, and to know how many days late I was before going out to buy a stick to pee on. Sometimes our bodies can be such mysteries, and Clue at least give a, well, a clue into what’s going on.

Clue is available on iOS and Android. And no, I wasn’t paid to write about the app, it just really is rather cool for any woman trying to keep track of what’s going on with her body. Rad apps for ladies deserve more attention, especially if they can help us towards our goals of falling pregnant… or avoiding it.


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