Changing Jobs and Embracing Being Wonder Woman

Changing Jobs and Embracing Being Wonder Woman

I know, I have pretty much disappeared lately. My YouTube videos have continued like clockwork, but I haven’t been writing here or sharing all that much on social media either. So let’s catch up! Get yourself some coffee or wine and settle in for a bit of a read, a lot has happened and I want to take you on the journey with me!

Why am I changing jobs?

Wait, what?! Yes, I’m changing jobs. There were so many factors that went into the decision, so while I’m sure it’s surprising to many of you, here’s why it was the right decision for me.

Stability. While I’ve really enjoyed being freelance, one of the things you have to embrace with working for yourself is that months will vary, sometimes a lot. I’ve had great months and awful months. The difference between those can be staggering. Like, imagine from one month to the next not knowing if you’ll be getting 125% of your usual income or 50% of it. I try to be financially responsible, saving money when we can and whatnot, but it’s led to way too much anxiety for me. Add in the fact that sometimes I’d get paid late because people like to screw around with freelancers, and it became clearly not worth it anymore.

Career growth. I’ve had an interesting path in my career. Thanks to moving to South Africa and being a relative outsider, I had to forge my own way, making things up as I went along for a lot of it. Then Harley came, and I wanted to be flexible in my job, ensuring that I was available for her at all times. I was lucky to be able to do so. Then we moved, and I needed a role that I could do from anywhere, and with flexible timing again, this time so that we could settle into our move, get Harley situated at school and generally just get on our feet. And while freelance writing is amazing in many ways, it’s a fairly static position. The most you can hope for is rate increases, but your title and role will never change or grow. I was ready to truly advance my career and step into a new phase.

How was the job hunt?

Awful. When are job hunts ever fun? I mean, it’s the weirdest thing to put yourself out there. You create a document known as a resume or CV in which you describe all your accomplishments, strengths, and experiences, and then you send it out to people in the hopes that they like you. Whether you get rejected, or no response, it can feel like you’re sending out tumbleweeds.

Thankfully, within a couple weeks of starting the job hunt, I had a couple interviews. It was funny, realizing that I hadn’t gone on a job interview in 8 years, hadn’t worked in an office for 7 years. Time to dust off the high heels and find a decent outfit.

I really like doing interviews. I’m not someone who gets stressed out by them. I mean, they are stressful, but I’m always reminded that I’m interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing me. We are both trying to gauge if it will be a good fit. Plus, I generally have the feeling that once I get an interview, I have a way better shot than just going on my CV. It’s not that my resume is bad, but I don’t think it showcases who I am in the same way that an interview can.


I’m so ridiculously excited about this. I’m going to be a senior account executive at an award-winning PR firm. The group of people I’ll be working with is fantastic, and I’m really keen to jump into it. They made a wonderful offer, and when I took the weekend to think about it, I just kept smiling imagining doing the work with them. I’m sure you’ll be hearing way more once I get started. I should probably buy some work-appropriate flats, though – those high heels killed me!

The Wonder Woman Race

In the midst of all this, it was time for the Wonder Woman race. I signed up for the event at the beginning of January, and my awesome friend Karen signed up, too. That meant we also decided to “train” together, which basically meant going for 5k walks together, twice a week. We agreed we weren’t going to try and go any faster than a brisk walk, enjoying the opportunity to chat, get to know each other better, and oh yeah, be healthy and exercise and stuff.

The race seemed ages away and I barely thought about it, until all of sudden it was upon us. I’d signed up because of the race kit, and the chance to dress up like Wonder Woman. And it was everything I’d hoped it would be, and more. It was SUCH a fun vibe at the event, and truly thrilling to see over four thousand people in Wonder Woman gear. Four thousand women and men celebrating what it means to be a strong, kind, powerful superhero. I loved every moment of it.

I felt so inspired at the end of the race. I never wanted to take my race kit or medal off. I mean seriously, that medal is incredible. I LOVE it. I also kinda want to do more race events. I’m not a runner – I’ve never found running an appealing form of fitness. But that race might have changed something for me. I’d like to sign up for another one. I’d like to run this time instead of just walk. Maybe this is yet another new thing for me to take on.

No matter what, it’s been a powerful week for me. I’ve embraced my strengths, felt empowered, and taken brave steps in a new direction. I’m starting a new job and pushing my career forward. I am basking in my awesomeness, at least for a few moments. I am realizing that yes, I AM Wonder Woman.

Changing Jobs and Embracing Being Wonder Woman


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