Florence – This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul

Florence - This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul

In many ways, I feel very out of touch with the latest developments in gaming and tech. I know, I’m a bad geek/gamer. But life is too busy to read that same daily gaming news that I used to write myself. I do listen to a friend’s podcast, though – as I mentioned recently – which is how I heard about Florence.

Matty raved about it on the podcast a while back, and then Sandy tweeted about how great it was while traveling back from E3. For a couple bucks, I figured it was worth a shot. And now I want to add my voice to those raving about it, especially if you care about love, art, or things that set your soul on fire.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I’ve used affiliate links in this post so that I might benefit if you click on them to download the game, but the editorial content is the same as it would be otherwise.)

When I’d heard about Florence, I mainly heard about how it’s an interactive story experience that captures the essence of falling in love. And yes, it does. But that’s not why I’d recommend it to any and everyone.

Florence captures the essence of what it feels like to be inspired, to feel that special spark.

Love and relationships can inspire us or push us in wonderful directions if they’re healthy and awesome. But we still need to be committed to those things, either as a part of our work or as something we are passionate about.

I was so inspired by the game/story. As I said, it captured that feeling of inspiration, of feeling your soul come alive through love and through art.

And then I felt a bit down. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t pursuing anything that I really loved. My work is great in many ways, but it isn’t exactly inspiring. And between work and kid and daily life, I don’t have nearly as much time to write as I’d like here on the blog, or even connect with all of you on social media that way I want to.

I’ve been thinking if I should look for a traditional job, or maybe get back into the gaming industry. But realistically, that’s not necessarily a great fit for me. Maybe it could be, but a traditional office job isn’t exactly known for being inspiring or setting souls ablaze, even in my industry of choice.

But then I realized that I AM doing things to reignite my passions. Dean and I have gone back to cooking incredible foods – we both always feel more inspired in our lives when we’re eating delicious and unique meals instead of the same old ruts that we can fall into.

I went to a political march this weekend, and I’m trying to volunteer for the various campaigns in my state to change things in politics. I haven’t lived here long enough to run myself, but I can certainly get involved and help other people who are running.

And I’ve been using my notepad to write down more ideas, to capture words and thoughts in the gaps when Harley is happily playing on her own and doesn’t need my input. I might not be able to write at my desk or on my computer in those moments, but at least I can start writing up blog posts, that flow more once I transcribe and continue them.

Also, I realized that the way I parent is an art in itself. I make sure that Harley always knows that she is loved, seen and appreciated. She is stimulated and exposed to new things through play. I join her in her imaginary play as much as I can, or I simply sit next to her while she watches on her pad. That is an art, that is a passion, and that is a way that I am living and loving in a way that is uniquely mine.

Florence is an incredible game. It doesn’t take long to play, but the music and gameplay combine with the fabulous yet simple story to create a truly memorable experience. You can get it on iOS or Android. And really, you should if you want to remember what it feels like to be in love, inspired or just play a fabulous game that will stay with you for longer than the time you play it.

Florence - This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul


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