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Florence – This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul

Florence - This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul

In many ways, I feel very out of touch with the latest developments in gaming and tech. I know, I’m a bad geek/gamer. But life is too busy to read that same daily gaming news that I used to write myself. I do listen to a friend’s podcast, though – as I mentioned recently – which is how I heard about Florence.

Matty raved about it on the podcast a while back, and then Sandy tweeted about how great it was while traveling back from E3. For a couple bucks, I figured it was worth a shot. And now I want to add my voice to those raving about it, especially if you care about love, art, or things that set your soul on fire.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I’ve used affiliate links in this post so that I might benefit if you click on them to download the game, but the editorial content is the same as it would be otherwise.) Continue Reading


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